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Hello, 2016!

Hello, Kittens! Happy 2016 to you all! I hope each and every one of you had an amazing eve filled with all the glitter and sequins your hearts desired! I hope it was just as safe as it was sparkly! Thank you SO much for 51019 VIEWS!

So about this New Years post... What an incredible year its been! 
Lets roll the highlight reel:
1. Got engaged 💍 to the love of my life 
2. Went to 8 countries and 17 states with him including the top of my list: Thailand!!! 
3. Became Mrs. Wigsworth and hung out with two of my favorite people on the planet for awhile
4. Painted my first public mural
5. Shot my first 4 consecutive magazine covers ...

Here are my best nine thanks to these beautiful people and my darling nephews. I could never repay or thank them enough for the incredible kindness and unconditional love they have shown me. I love you all so much. You are my family. 

I have 65.5K of you to thank for making my dreams come true, pushing me to be more creative every single day and set a new standard for my content driving me to create something beautiful even when I just want to lay in my bed! Thank you guys SO much, I can't express how thankful I am for your encouragement and kind words. THANK YOU!

So here's what's up next: In 2016, Mike and I plan to travel to Iceland and Fiji which is super exciting! Two places that really weren't even on my radar until it appeared in front of us because of THIS blog and my Instagram- really because of ALL OF YOU !!! We are in serious planning mode and will of course be in Montana, LA, and Miami shooting until we go on those two trips! We are really excited to be working on some awesome projects and of course booking as MANY weddings as we can for 2016-2017! We just launched: lovehopeandmichael.com to share more information about the weddings we shoot and our philosophy behind them! Check it out when you get a chance! 

This year, Michael and I are going to be developing a seminar where Mike will be passing all of his tech-guru knowledge down to the attendees, from operating your camera to how to shoot the starry sky! All the tricks of the trade, how to buy a camera, and how to get comfortable with it! Knowing your camera is SO important, it doesn't matter what kind of camera it is, knowing your equipment and how to use it is a game changer. People ask me all the time, what do I use? I shoot an amazing camera, the Canon Mark III but as awesome as the camera is its years and years of PRACTICE and learning how light works, how this incredible machine works, and how to combine all this knowledge into a nano-second of light meeting objects. 

In this seminar or workshop I will be working with local vendors and models to style several different styled shoots so attendees will get the opportunity for real life set time and experience as well as observing directing and taking charge of a set from just shooting a friend in your backyard to a full studio experience. I want to be able to teach others how I have turned what I love to do into something that I can do professionally. I want to share all the crazy things I have learned through trial and error and from knowledgeable mentors and collaborators I have worked with... Social connection is key and I want to share how to build your brand, your following, engage your audience, manage your workflow, and turn what you love into something that can not only pay for itself but can allow you to live a life you never dreamed possible. I HAVE to share this information- its exploding from my hear! I need you guys to be inspired to keep doing what you are doing!!!! 

A lot of you already know this but I never studied photography. I have a Bachelor's in marketing but have learned photography through trial and error, youtube, online, and learning from anyone and everyone who would take a moment to teach me, have coffee with me, answer an email, or let me just observe. Interning, assisting, and just watching those who are more advanced and even less advanced but just have a different perspective are how I earned my education- I'm still without a doubt learning every single day! 

Other than our professional ventures and projects coming in 2016 I have some other resolutions. I really want to get back in a healthy eating and activity pattern, its so hard when you are traveling 8 months a year, but I HAVE to commit to this goal and really lose this weight I have put on because I've just not been focusing on me. I have been focusing on my brand and my business but guess what? I AM Hope Kauffman, I AM hkcameraface, you are your brand and you need to put as much time and effort into managing yourself as you do picking that perfect post for Instagram. I need to take my own advice and put this into action. 

I also want to try to be more kind and patient this year. I often totally snap at random people I don't even know or people I know and love because my mind is always RACING, I am thinking about a thousand things at once. I have ADHD and sometimes I am so frustrated that I can not get all my non-linear thoughts out that I take out my frustration or miscommunication on others which is really not fair to them and makes me feel terrible later. Not good for anyone involved. This year I want to just take a moment to breathe, to put things into perspective, and to just take a moment to look up from my phone and my mood boards to just look around, have a peaceful moment, because this will really help me to not be frustrated at myself and snap at others. 

Thank you guys so so so much for all your love and support. I can not wait to see what we all do this year. I love following your adventures, reading your comments, and looking at as many photos/ answering as many questions as I can! I will try to be better and do this more often! 
Thank you so much for everything, love you all. 

Photos: Top: Shot for Bailey of hotdresshotmess.com , Aimee shot wearing FreePeople for Harlow, Whitefish, last shot for Gemini Mtn Swim.