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Winter in Whitefish

My family relocated about 8 years ago and Michael and I now call this place home in-between our travels and working in different cities!

Here are a few of my favorite w i n t e r things to do, see, taste, ect in the darling little post-card town of Whitefish, Montana. 

(These are in no way paid for by these businesses ....
but they are more than welcome to Venmo me: @hopekauffman) 

Favorite Breakfast Spots:
1. Loula's: 
The stuffed french toast should be illegal for everyone's own well being. 

2. The Buffalo Cafe
Great omelettes and killer hot chocolate...

3. Swift Creek Cafe
They are willing to make a grilled cheese for breakfast!

Favorite Lunch/Snack Spots:
1. Amazing Crepes
Obviously the pear, gorgonzola, almond and the classic Nutella are my go-tos...

2. Montana Coffee Traders
The Bocadillos are outrageous! 

3. The Red Caboose
So many flavors of self-serve frozen yogurt- and they even have sugar-free if you're feeling EXTRA white-girl. 

Favorite Dinner Spots:
1. Latitude 48 
Everything is goooooood (including the service and decor)

2. The Whitefish Golf Course
Wonderful food and you can opt for casual in the lounge or get fancy in the dining room. 

3. Craggy Range 
The black and blue bites are my drug!

Favorite Drink Spots:
1. Red Room at Latitude 48
Great atmosphere and ever-changing art.

2. Crush
They have a ton of events and are currently hosting a drag show! Two thumbs WAY up!  

3. The Palace Bar
VERY authentic Montana experience, I've seen several men wearing a racoon-skin-hats several times at this venue and the vodkacrans are actually $2. Yes, American dollars. 

Favorite Coffee Spots:
1. Cowgirl Coffee
Chai on the run and they always remember your order. 

2. The Red Caboose
Cute seasonal DIY decor to make any Pinterestor jealous and always awesome lattee art! 

3. Montana Coffee Traders
Proud to be Made in Montana! 

Favorite Shopping Spots:
1. Harlow
Carries Wildfox and a selection of the cutest clothing, I always get asked where I got what I'm wearing when I wear Harlow!

2. Mum's Flowers
They carry shopbando! Enough said. 

3. The Shops at Station 8 (Columbia Falls) 
Really interesting vintage finds.

Favorite Activities:
1. Visit Glacier National Park 
2. Ski & Snowboard Big Mountain (Whitefish Mountain Resort) 
3. Get cultured: always a new show or cabaret to catch!

Side note: everyone here is tremendously talented/artistic/amazing  just saying...



Some epic photos taken by other fantastic photographers: 

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