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2. New York City | Brooklyn

The past couple years I have absolutely despised Manhattan for reasons I can not clearly identify. I kept having very bad luck every time I went there and did not take an internship at ELLE magazine and did not go to school in New York because I kept having terrible death dreams about it.

The whole thing makes no sense because for years I had absolutely loved the city ... From pretending to be Eloise and having spray lemonade at McKenzie's child as a little girl to trips to the city in high school and dreaming of NYU... I don't know what happened and I do not know again because I'm simply head over heels for the big apple yet again. Odd. Yes.

I took my favorite form of transportation Megabus (have I ever posted about the time the bus lost all of the luggage out of the side storage and I saw my bags casually skidding down the Betsey Ross bridge- its fine...) from Boston to New York where I was greeted by my darling friend Michael whos a born and raised Brooklyn gentleman... He took me to the most delicious amazing restaurant Blue Water Grill and we FEASTED- there is no other verb it was divinity defined. It was so wonderful to see him outside the confines of Arizona and I was there for far too short a time to soak in all the love...

I headed to Brooklyn to stay with my friend Veronica- also from Arizona in her gorgeous one bedroom nest. I finally got to meet her two english bull dog ladies, Kittens and Lula, and proceeded to make them instantly instafamous. #dogsofinstagram @lula_kittens follow them!!) They were just as cartoonish and adorable in real life! Also got to see her amazing sweetheart of a boyfriend, Shane, who I found out does sound for NYFW  ... I wanted to bitchslap them both for not informing me of this as soon as they met me (#whitegirlproblems) but I let it go with a promise of a future show hookup.

Seeing Veronica was just what I needed.... She is the older wiser more cultured sister I never had. I'm so grateful that our paths crossed when they did. She has been through so much with me I could not even begin to explain how deeply she knows me although its only been a short six months. Every time we talk I am reminded of how much I need people like her in my life to ground me and give me perspective. I am so fortunate to have such wise people in my life and I have to really remember to be thankful for each of them.

I was in NYC for work and had an awesome time with my boss, Michael, from Quest Apparel. He is also born and raised Brooklyn so he showed me the real-deal Italian New York-- espresso and all! We went to Eataly the huge Italian megastore which was insane! We did some accessory buying of scarves and sunglasses for the upcoming season in the accessories district... We also shot Quest with Paige's wonderful friend Mike who used to work with her at FOX and my gorgeous wonderful amazing ex-roomate/sister/best-friend, Jacyln, who lives right outside the city.... the shots came out fantastic the location was just under the Brooklyn bridge!
Heres a tiny sneakpeek :

I got to see other sisters from my sorority Alpha Epsilon Phi... my best best friends in the entire world: Dana, Jaclyn, and Mykah! They are all in New York killing it- can not wait until they are all uber-famous and I can just casually trot around Cannes with them  (Mykah just got back from the film fest what is her life??) We all had dinner at MasonJar and reveled in our time together in sisterly love...

Hopefully I will be going to New York much more often for work and Buddha Babe as I had a production meeting with another friend from AZ who owns a huge production house and is going to be producing my designs overseas!!!!  Bi-coastal anyone!? -(details soon- can't jinx these things but I'm ECSTATIC about the opportunity) ....I also met with one of Veronica's friends who is in microfinance and fashion- she works for a lingerie company that is also women for women and talking to her was so wonderful and helpful for all my Buddha Babe happenings...

I'm so thankful to have made all these awesome connections and their support- believing in me so much makes me believe in me too!!!