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 3. Europe

My mom and I are lucky enough to spend two weeks in Europe this summer… We are visiting Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest, and Prague. Last summer we were in London and Paris which was wonderful … we try to travel together once or twice a year which is really amazing… it started when we went on a trip to Paris when I was 16 taking art lessons and generally wandering the beautiful streets, museums, and shops. We went to Italy together and the Netherlands when my family came to visit me two summers ago when I was studying abroad in a restored medieval castle in Well, Limbaugh outside Amsterdam (casual…) We also stayed in this amazing nature preserve in Mexico last spring which was absolutely gorgeous! Generally we like to jaunt around…my Dad tends to win all of these trips with his work so we tag along to these and extend after to places we want to go.

Revisiting Germany was pretty spectacular as I was only in Dusseldorf for two days last trip…. This time we got to visit the outlying castles and towns I hadn't experienced before. Also seeing the Alps was fantastic- the photography was unreal. 

Vienna and Salzburg were also very interesting as I had never been to Austria before! Our hotel was super modern in the design tower of the second district. The view from our room on the 17th floor and the bar/restaurant on the top floor was breathtaking- the whole city in a 360 panorama! Our room was completely white from beds to sinks- everything very cool and comfortable. I was really inspired by the mix and dichotomy of the old and new paired so unexpectedly together in this city. Baroque facades next to glass modern skyscrapers it was a very dynamic city unlike any other I have been to so far… I have never been very interested in architectural photography but I was really fascinated by the lines and textures of this city and it seemed more of my subject matter than usual. The photos can tell you better so here they are….