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Father's Day!

June 16. Dad Day!
My Dad is the best Dad in the world... #1 Dad.... Father of the Year.... 
-Says a great majority of people in the middle of June. 

But when I do not exaggerate when I say my Dad is literally the "Dos Equis man"- "the most interesting man in the world".... 

This guy has lived with Eskimos in Igloos, Climbed Mountains, Seen the Wonders of the World, and was always home for dinner. He always managed to be there for my family taking us with him on his adventures to Africa, Australia, New Zealand ... everywhere. He even took my to India as a graduation present- he said you can pick anywhere in the world you want to go... how cool is that? 
He hung out in Nicaragua last August where we climbed a Volcano and helped build a wing of a school and a house for a family... 
He has always believed in me more than I could ever believe in myself and taught me I can do absoulty anything. I'm so grateful to have him for so many reasons- for how much he loves my family, how he puts us all first, and always forgives and believes in second chances- seeing the best in people like no one else I know. 

If I can be half the person he is I will be a very very successful human. Cheers to the most fascinating, kind, generous, patient, fun, hard-working, and forgiving person I know.