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Mania: The Time I Sharpied My Walls

I may or may not be experiencing a hyper-manic episode. If you search my blog or if there were a search button for my daily speech "manic" would come up 90% more than any other word I use... even the or and. Its somewhat excessive but I think it is my subconscious telling me yo- you're actually manic its no joke, girl. ( I don't know why my subconscious is voiced by Precious ) ... whatever. 

Yesterday I had the extreme urge to make a mural on the wall in my kitchen. It was just so blank and awful staring at me as white as my halter top bikini tan lines... awful. So I took a sharpie to it- probably one of the most simply freeing experiences making that first line with a sharpie on your brand new waterfront apartment's wall.... beautiful.  

6 hours later here are the results. I'm pretty pleased... 
if this is what mania is bring it on.