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Santa Monica Sunset (II)

I went to Santa Monica Pier this afternoon with my friend Victor to do some shooting (just for fun). It  really reminded me that my iPhone is not a camera and I need to stop treating it like one.... Instagram will always hold its dear dear place in my heart but nothing beats the real deal. I really need to start taking my DSLR with me... all of my bags are big enough so why don't I? ...

The pier was windy but the lighting was so gorgeous it could have been ten degrees and I would have braved it for that golden hour! I had only been out via car so walking was quite new and exciting (#thrills)... I didn't take too many shots before sunset but the few I did really show the vintage whimsical vibe of the place. I had so much fun finally taking a photo outing with someone who knows what they are doing(even though he shoots Canon...) I decided to break out my python pants for the occasion and my Torys- naturally- I feel they set the right mood. 

After the shoot we grabbed a bite at Buddha's Belly a fabulous asian fusion place right on Broadway. The edemame was amazing and I had a huge portion of veggie fried rice that was unearthly phenomenal.
We then snuck into an ocean front hotel's pool and sat around the fire pits for a bit feeling like rebel bad-asses before heading home... 
All in all a beautiful california evening. 


(***buddha's belly photos not mine!)