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Last night I got another tattoo. (Admittedly it might be becoming a problem.) I just find them so incredibly beautiful and fascinating... 
I made one of my goals this week to "stop thinking so much about tattoos..." 
(If that doesn't say it all I don't know what does.) 

I found myself on Sunset after sunset across from the darling wrinkled inked genius who created the paw prints that grace Eve's voluptuous breast (no, I am not kidding). Tattoo Mania was manic, my two friends Britt and Ariana picked me up at Jamba Juice (naturally) and we went to see Britt's very talented artist Danny as she was going to continue work on her gorgeous wrist tat... However, get me in a tattoo shop and apparently I can't help myself... I had been thinking about this arrow for awhile and really wanted to get it with my best friend and soul mate Daniel so I begged him to let me get it now (NOWAH) - he agreed- and promised  he will get it when he comes out here later in the year I think I will get another beneath it with him- (my mom wants one too!)

I got this arrow on my wrist last night partly because it reminds me of shooting bow and arrow with my Dad- my hero- and one of my favorite memories and things to do with him as a kid. It means power and protection and facing outwards means direction and moving forward which is all that we ever do- all we can do. The arrow is also a huge symbol in my life and reminds me that when life pulls me back its going to shoot me that much further...  

Its a part of me and my temporary body reminding me that no matter how painful something is its a fleeting moment- each feeling is in flux the happiest most ecstasy filled second to the darkest hour - nothing is permanent. A tattoo reminds me that we can try to be permeant and add art and reminders to our bodies but they are just that- bodies not us- just a vehicle to express ourselves with. 

My other tattoo I recently got on Melrose is Arabic for Seize the Day or Be in the Moment on my foot/ankle reminding me to stay grounded and live in this time because I can not know the future or change the past. Mindfulness and the practice of that mindfulness is really important to me and I love that I can always have this reminder. 

My V tattoo I got a few months ago as the letter V but also the Roman numeral 5 for my best friend and love of my life, Vail who I was lucky enough to spend five years learning, loving, and growing up with he's taught me more than I can even begin to know. 

I took these shots to show how beautiful tattoos can be- they mean so much to me and I wanted to create a self-portrait series featuring them because they are a part of me - scars I have created to remind and remember really important things I have learned. Thanks for looking ...