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The Wayfarer, Santa Barbara

 So I have a boyfriend, yes, its official and cute and ridiculous so why not be all adorable a mushy-gushy and do those things that couples do.... 

Ew,  ew,  EWWWW! 

Oh no I HATE that I just typed/said that word 
(you know which one) 

even super softly with a severe grimace 
(more of a cringe) 

even if I am alone in my roommate's bed right now staring at a computer screen, 
the word, *couple*
ok there, I said it, again, seems so aggressive,
 but that is what we are .... so we did what our type of people do.....

we took a "stay-cation..."

Honestly, who am I anymore? A "stay-cation?" to be completely millennial and "on-brand if you will...

 I am usually in the middle of the ocean on a log carved into a canoe hoping for the best, trudging, swimming, zipping (love verbing) through a cave, posing in Harijuku, watching a traditional medicine ceremony in the Billy swamps- (I've had a pretty ridiculous couple of last years) so the idea of staying close to home or at home seems even more ridiculous than jumping off of a cliff with a parachute strapped to one side and a kiwi (man not fruit or was it both?) to the other... 

Anyway I am trying to embrace normal because normal is feeling pretty good but I still can not get over how horrible and CONTRIVED and 
the word "stay-cation" feels.

.... after all my complaining & that tangent I have to say it was so relaxing and romantic despite my refusal to leave the room come near the second half of the trip...

To tell you the truth it was perfect, absolutely underrated and I loved every little cliche moment of it. I am after all a female in her twenties so let me HAVE IT!!!!

Max is from the absolutely stunningly perfect town we call Santa Barbara. The Wayfarer was completely charming, chic, and I was immediately concerned it was possibly too cool for me the moment we walked in with its perfectly coifed staff, manicured grounds, staged just dim enough to make everyone look filtered lighting (praise), and the hipster (but not black Ray-Ban sporting hipster)  vibe not a "college hostel spirit" you know I would have run screaming back to the Bacara, demanded a knife a cut out a kidney before I would blog about a real hostel in all seriousness (I just re-read that and I see it... I see it). 


I knew whoever was going to sit next to me at the breakfast table was going to be much more informed about current events and coffee but wouldn't make me feel like an idiot about it which is the best and worst kind of person because they aren't pretentious at all so you cant hate them for being so informed and wonderful! 

You knew they would never shame you for your gluten intake and all your could do would be just to quietly stuff your face  shameful listen, and learn about the newest enlightened online marketing technique or whatever Elon Musk is doing now.... 
wondering why you chose to screenshot memes instead of doing something more valuable with your life every night. 

 Wayfarer SB which was a hybrid between hostel and hotel and caters to many different guests from international travelers (hence the name) to staycationers ...

The Wayfarer SB staff was also diverse and able to read their clients. They could cater to parties who have been all over the world rugged with scars who's bodies are used to hostel conditions (see what I did there....) and other parties like me who would have to google: What is a hostel and why would I stay in one we are not in Europe and I am not in college trying to "meat" I mean "meet" hot Australian dudes... 

(They obviously had to draw a detailed sharpie map on my hand at one point *bless*) 


The thought would never occur to my entitled well-traveled sponsored first-world embarrassing self but upon closer examination I had come to find that without being totally aware I was ready willing and totally excited to pop my hostel cherry and lose my hostel V-card (if you will) to this gorgeous and deserving establishment.

It was an absolutely stunning room with the most comfy bed of my life that I decided not to leave for two entire days. Max was actually starting to get concerned and probably grossed out. I think to quote he said it "Looks and smells like a Chinese family is living in this room because you haven't left in so long!" 

If you've read this blog before or have looked at my Instagram you know I absolutely adore luxury linens, high sodium food, time off, and unclipping my hair extensions, most people can not handle that .... so I am really pleased with how this entire weekend went and am really happy to report his nightmares about seeing me like that are subsiding.... 

The pool was an absolute dream! The weather was a biiiit too cold even for my Montana blood to venture totally in for more than a photo to make my east coast family members insanely jealous via the social trickery but I can imagine the most perfect 70 degree days! 

Check it all out and book your stay asap before the best kept secret on the west coast is all booked up! 

Follow them here! @wayfarerersb 

 (Virtual Tour Images (Below) Courtesy of Wayfareresb.com  )

Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful stay and for making my first time at a hostel something I will always treasure and look back on fondly. Wouldn't have wanted it to be with anyone else.