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VIVA Las Vegas

I had an amazing luxurious time at the Delano in Las Vegas! I surprised my Dad for his birthday as he was here for a convention with my Mom and we had the best time! I never really get to hang out with my parents just the three of us, so it was really nice to spend time talking with them and going to some amazing shows and restaurants! 

The hotel was really beautiful and the service was perfection! I would definitely go back, it felt like a resort not like a Vegas hotel, and I really liked that there wasn't a casino in the lobby! 

 images not mine^

 * Rivea

Cirque Du Soleil: Zarkana 
(not my images) 

Such a fantastic Cirq! I have been to almost all of the shows in Vegas and other than O this had to be my favorite! The staging was fantastic and the acrobatics, costuming, and live music was phenomenal! 

David Copperfield (not my image)

AMAZING modern "magic show" ... Copperfield was amazing with the audience and I felt like he was speaking directly to me the entire time! Such a cool well executed show... surprisingly not cheesy at all!  

Brad Garrett's Comedy Club 
The brother from "Everybody Loves Raymond" has an intimate old school comedy club where we saw three very different but equally hysterical stand ups... things got a little raunchy and several people even left the show! It was so funny! 

The Neon Museum

For sure my absolute favorite thing I have ever done in Las Vegas! It was so amazing to learn about the cultural and historical significance of these amazing pieces of art. Also WAY cool to take photos with these larger than life props so close up! Totally worth paying for the tour! 
(the only way you can get in) 

The Flamingo Las Vegas (not my images)

So I was in Vegas last week with my parents which was so much fun and wonderful.. However, I am currently sitting in a literal cardboard box someone told me was a bed. I am so itchy because the sheets feel like sandpaper I swear I have rug burn over all of my exposed skin simply from sliding into bed. I can hear every word and fart of the people on either side of the paper thin walls and I am looking over the backside of several beige buildings.... 

Here are the expectation photos: Very classic vegas, cute and fun... I will be posting "reality" photos next. I am DISGUSTED. You have to PAY FOR INTERNET ... WHAT IS THIS? 2007??????At least there was a great SIXTY dollar breakfast.....