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Flower Power

So the Montana winter is getting a bit longer than I remembered... I am seriously craving some sunshine, flower crowns, and hydration!!! Other than booking a flight to LA, which I just did, I have been indulging in these amazing sheet masks from Florapy. 

They are natural and making my skin absolutely glow with new life even in its current frostbitten state! The aromatherapy benefits are great too I have to say I'm kind of obsessed... I love the sunflower lemon one as too strong a scent is less relaxing to my sensitive little nose... Try them out here! 

Some other flower products I have been loving are these natural Angel Face botanicals... I have been super ambitious thinking I am going to make my own bath bombs and other flower products but haven't found the time yet! The research is below so if you make your own tell me how they turn out! (**Not my images or recipes) 

Cocoa butter and rose bath melts how to- here. 

Now for some simple floral inspiration... 
Indulge your eyes: 
(**Not my images) 

If you're tired of window shopping then Shop the real thing- all my  FLORAL products can be purchased on my Society6 Page HERE!  
Here is an adorable tote from my flowercone series! 
(**My images) 

I was so in need of color, petals, and spring time that I decided to paint this VERY large deer surrounded by blooms on the wall behind my desk. I just freehanded him with acrylic paint and a bit of sharpie for some accents and already feel so much better about the eternal winter that is Montana... 

((( Ask your parents before you try this at home!!! )))