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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

So we flew overnight to China, had the breakfast of champions: dumplings, a Chinese beer, and classic Lays to start our morning right before flying into Bangkok! 
We are here safe and sound and I am just sitting down to write this post on what we packed after I tested it out to see what I really needed so I can steer you in the right direction while you're packing for your trip!!! 

How do you pack to travel half way around the world for two weeks? 
Well, let me tell you. I am a chronic over packer and hardly ever use half of what I cram into my bag... so this time I really tried to pack ONLY ESSENTIALS... which was really hard because I consider probably 7 pairs of shoes essential. 

So I limited myself to one carry on sized bag (because my Camera equipment is pretty ridiculous) and one normal sized backpack. Here is what I came up with for two weeks in Thailand spending time in the city, the suburbs, and the islands with a few formal occasions and a LOT of casual hot weather and exploring... 

Hope's Packing List:
Plane Essentials:
Medium Sized Backpack- 
Neck Nap
Sleeping Mask
Compression Socks
Comfy Pants
Extra sweater
Bottle of Water
Good Book
Contact Holder/ Solution
Skin Cream

Daily Essentials:
7 black tshirts
7 pairs of shorts
2 pairs compression shorts
7 pairs of socks
7 pairs undies/bras
2 sports bras
2 dresses
2 pairs of harem pants
2 bathing suits
1 pair leggings
2 headbands
1 pair athletic sneakers
1 pair plain beige flats
1 pack of hair ties
& of course my trusty makeup/toiletry bag

Exploring the City Essentials:
Small Backpack
Camera Gear
Mini Fan
Foldable Poncho
Mini Umbrella
Bottled Water 
Local Currency
Extra Batteries/ CF cards
Carrying Cases 

(Thank you LUMOID for my amazing gear for this trip! 
They are my first and only choice for rentals!) 

Canon Mark III
Canon 24-70 f2.8
Canon 16-35 f2.8
Canon 50mm 1.4
CF cards: 32, 32, 64
GoPro Hero 4 + mini SD
IPhone 6+

Money/ Passport Holder
International Converters
Headphone Splitter
2 Locks
Mini Fan 

Mike's Packing List: He actually fit ALL of his belongings into a TINY 5 pound Hershel bag + his camera backpack... How he did this I will NEVER know!

He honestly folds all of his clothes into nothing and I have no idea how he does it. 

Plane Essentials:
Sleeping Mask
Neck Nap
Compression Socks
Knee Brace
Comfy Pants
Bottle of Water
Hard drive of Movies

Daily Essentials:
7 black tshirts
2 pairs compression shorts
7 pairs of socks
1 bathing suit
2 pairs gym shorts
2 pairs regular shorts
7 pairs of socks
7 pairs of underwear
3 dress shirts
1 pair of pants
1 pair black sneakers
1 headlamp flashlight

Canon Mark III
Canon 24-70, 50mm
GoPro Hero 4
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Shared Gear:
Macbook Air 
Anchor External Phone Charger x2
Seagate 2 TB Hard Drive
Apple Earbuds x2
GoPro MiniSD Adaptor
Extra Batteries
Extra CF cards + Carrying Case
Manfroto Tripod
GoPro chest strap, head strap, float-grip

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