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Mountain Village: Chiang Mai

On Day 2 in Chiang Mai, we visited a beautiful temple on top of a Mountain which was beyond awe-inspiring and beautiful but super super SUPER touristy which was not our favorite. Instead of sticking around we hopped in the back of a "red car" which is basically a truck bed with two benches and a roof that functions as a shared taxi and headed up the mountain a little further to see a real functioning mountain village. 

The village has got to be one of my favorite parts of the trip so far. It was so amazing to be able to interact with the people and get an idea of how they really live outside of the touristy parts we had been seeing. They were so kind and gracious allowing us to take pictures and just watch as they laughed and played in the beautiful clean air. 

Mike even got challenged by a badass woman to a cross bow shooting contest and he hit 2 out of 3 fruits straight in the bullseye! Needless to say everyone was impressed and we earned our spot in the village right then and there. Thank goodness he's a good shot!